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Standards in Pawna Lake Camping

We challenged everything to make it "Awesome" in the pawna lake camping

We see ourself in you. Therefore, we have made each and everything customized and standardized just for you.

1. Tea : We are using pure, unprocessed milk for making tea. On both the times you will experience different taste of tea. Different time, different taste.

2. Barbecue : As per the standardized way of BBQ meat should be well marinated with proper spices. You will get well soaked and delicious barbecue.

3. Bonfire : For better experience of fire we have customized the bonfire. You will feel more relaxed and warm by our customized bonfire.

4. Dinner : It is our decision to not repeat any menu as well as taste. You will get "Mutton Thali" in normal charges unlike others. You will get Bhakari also with that. There Is A Surprise Dish Also, many people travels many Km just to taste that dish.

5. Pakoda : You will get a best Pakoda of Onion, Spinach and Potato in the evening which will make you feel more connected to nature in beautiful environment of ZeroCamp.


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About ZeroCamp

Pawna Lake Camping | Premium

As the number of campsites is increasing day by day in Pawna Lake Camping, every other campsites are focusing on the price and earning. But the main concern of users and guests are missing, which is QUALITY. In this smart life every person is losing one thing, which is Peace of mind. ZeroCamp solves these problems of users in Pawna Lake Camping. We have chosen a most silent place which is surrounded by nature. The property is completely private. The main focus of ZeroCamp is on better user experience. Delicious food and all time good service are two main pillars of us. Zerocamp is a final output of Pawna Lake Camping. After year of research and study ZeroCamp came into picture. ZeroCamp is a camp base which is made to bring each and every person to extreme relaxation state. Each and every process, structure and food is challenged by us to improve the quality, taste and user experience. The word unlimited can be seen true here. In our daily smart life we are losing our mental peace people are unable to find the mental peace anywhere, the main reason behind this is lack of good silent environment.

How ZeroCamp will be
ZeroCamp is situated in such a location where there is no any other camping within 1-2 Km radius. We will not say that is a most silent place, because wild life is there to make some relaxing noise. You will open your eyes with pleasant sound of birds. Golden sunset view will make feel more close to the nature with our home made machans. We don’t have any AC or Fan in ZeroCamp because there is natural ac here. Cool environment feels much better than any artificial cooling. Customized bonfire will warm you while talking with your friends. You will feel too much sleepy in afternoon also because small air will pass from your solders and you will lose your control from sleeping. High tea will make you hungrier because it will be with three more friends which will be Kanda Bhaji, Palak Bhaji and Batata Bhaji. You will see the sunset with the company of these Bhaji’s. There will be a special thing about a tea, it will be made from pure unprocessed milk, and you will never taste the tea of pure milk unlike here. On both the time you will taste different taste of tea. When sun will say you bye-bye, barbeque will be waiting for you. Well marinated, chopped and well maintained barbeque will bring only one word which will be Awesome. Our chef loves to the word awesome therefore he will make it best just for you. Barbeque of chicken with awesome onion spicy salad adds the more delicious taste to the barbeque.

History & presence
There are hundred plus camping sites near the Pawna Lake. It will not be a wrong sentence if once will say each camping is an exact copy of the neighbours camping. The major reason reasons behind this scenario is completely different than anyone’s understandings. The competition is growing day by day between camp grounds. Campsite owners are trying to give cheapest package to cover the maximum customers and ultimately increasing the revenue. But the word cheap always come with quality compromise. There was a day when camping package was starting at 1500/- and the camping experts where able to maintain the quality of the service. After few years condition went wrong. Every single home became the camp owner. There is no any doubt that this is really a thing which should be encouraged because the history is not of one or two years it is of 47 years. When Pawna dam was constructed the reservoir area consisted many small and big villages. The majority of the good quality land was situated within the reservoir area. Government migrated many villages from that area, but not everyone was lucky. Many villages where not migrated and get left without enough farms. This condition was like an unspoken recession for every villager near Pawna dam. There was an enough water for farming but lack of land. Many villagers was migrated and never came back. Hundreds of villages was got wiped out from the map of Maval. Remaining villagers found the small jobs in nearby cities. After 47 years later camping became the new income source for most of the villagers. But the truth is “the Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution, and it represents the wise choice of many alternatives”. The main fact is 99% of the villagers didn’t have any previous experience of camping. Due to lack of understanding the government’s concern many of the campsites are situated closest to the Pawna Lake. As per the government rules there should not be any type of fixed construction in the reservoir area of the dam. But for a better view of dam, wrong type of competition is going on. The biggest problem is not ending here, the seepage from the toilet is indirectly polluting the water of the lake. Day by day the pressure from the government officials is increasing on the officers, to stop the campsites, but campsite owners learnt to manage it. 100+ camping are serving the thousands of customers each weeks but no one is focusing on the customer safety. No camp is separated from the neighbour camp with proper structure so there is lack of safety. Many camp owners even don’t know the person information whom they are serving. Many incidents are happening every week just because lack of proper separation between camps. For fast working many camp owners are unable to maintain the food safety and standards. Therefore food taste and quality is not meeting the customer’s expectations.

Why Pawna Lake Camping is becoming big choice? What are the Pro and cons?
As the crowd is increasing day by day this question comes in a mind. There are lots of reasons behind it. First of all one thing is most important in this scenario, which is Lonavala. Lonavala is a hill station which is well known in all over the India. Many peoples visit the Lonavala for beautiful valley and sights. Most of the people come for weekend. The biggest problem is staying and food. Hotel room charges starts with around 1000 Rupees for night. The food cost will get added around 1000 rupees for veg. but camps are providing foods, night stay and much more that every traveller need. Each and every camping is around 22+ Kilometres from Lonavala. This makes it more exciting because one will definitely enjoy the journey also as many sights and views are on the way.

Why ZeroCamp
After reading the history and presence many questions and doubt can get raised in any one’s mind. If there are these much problems then how ZeroCamp can be a good choice?
1. Legal : ZeroCamp is completely on the safe distance from the Pawna Lake. Unlike other Pawna Lake Camping, ZeroCamp has legally owned land which completely private. Light and other resources are gathered completely in an official ways. ZeroCamp is registered with Udyog Adhaar so it is authorised to carry the camping business.
2. Safety : The team of ZeroCamp worked on many safety measure to avoid any hesitation or problem to a guest. One person will give the service overnight and monitor the complete area. Unlike other campings ZeroCamp is secured with net and blocks from all the direction. Unauthorized or unregistered persons are not allowed here, even the other camp owners are restricted in the ZeroCamp’s premises.
3. Standards : ZeroCamp is based on the standards and premium user experience. Each and everything is made after study. Food taste and process is defined after proper customer behaviour study and requirements.
4. Unlimited : The real unlimited word works here, ZeroCamp provides real unlimited Barbeque and Mutton Dinner. There is also a surprise dish which many person travels kilometres to taste.

On The way
As discussed earlier many people will find think what is nearby places which we can go after or before camping. The answer is here.
1. Pawna Lake View : As you have read the Pawna Lake Camping many times, Pawna Lake is not as small as you are thinking. Many Pawna dam views are visible if one is come from Lonavala.
2. Lohgad Fort : Dudhivare Khind is a big slit of air in between two giant rock. Road is in between the two rocks it makes it thrilling or exciting. You can enjoy many jungle fruits during travel.
3. Bedse Caves : If the route is from Kamshet then Bedse Caves can be a good choice to visit. It is an ancient Buddhist cave which is a great example of ancient archaeology.